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Mccarron 24volt 100AMP 3-Bank Battery Charger

Mccarron 24volt 100AMP 3-Bank Battery Charger

BPM# 1043-23

The legendary McCarron battery charger line is now known as  VMI. New ownership assures stable manufacture and availability as well as innovative   improvements and some new models. A third generation from the Ratelco Constant Voltage Charger, some of which are still in service after 40 years, The  VMI is the charger of choice for industrial, commercial, government and larger recreational vessels. A superbly designed and manufactured isolation transformer is the heart and threshold of the design with solid state control of rectification and output. VMI chargers provide stable voltage and maintain rated current output even after long periods of operation. Unlike many chargers which put out greatly decreased output, some as much as 40%) when operating from generators resulting in greater generator runtime, VMI maintains rated output when operating from generator input.

Battery damaging AC ripple  is held to a minimum,which with voltage and current stability result in correspondingly longer battery life. If longevity, trouble free operation and battery life extending stability are important to your vessel operation VMI are the chargers of choice.

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