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Storm Drogue "Shark Drogue" by Florentino Size: Small

Item is sold as "used" but appears in really good condition. Comes with 450' of 3/4" Line with stainless whipped eye splice attached to galvanized shackle to mushroom anchor. This is a COMPLETE kit!

The line is $2.35/foot from the manufacturer.


Small 8-inches wide
8-inches tall
10 lbs 22 to 31-feet 
and up 
to 20,000 lbs
S-SHARK $595




1.  PARA-RING ® Advantage 

Our exclusive  8-inch PARA-RING ®   stabilizer eliminates the challenge
of handling  the large metal hoops  required to keep many droguesinflated.
technology  also  makes it impossible to tangle 
 because it eliminates the need for shroud lines. Fiorentino's patented PARA-RING
® is designed from 316 stainless steel.  The durability and tangle free status of the SHARK makes this system an excellent emergency steering device if your rudder or steering cables break.

2.  Drogue Tail  Eliminates Bulky Chain
To avoid cumbersome chain required to keep drogues  submerged below  stormy seas,  Smith developed  the unique "DROGUE TAIL
"   so mariners can easily attach a spare anchor on 
the backside of  the  SHARK
.   Smith say's  “It’s complicated to deploy chain,  not to mention, 
the cost of splicing chain into anchor rode.” A small ground anchor is more compact and 
most sailors already store a spare anchor in 
their lazerette. Any  style anchor from 10 to 
50-pounds can be shackled onto  the SHARK’s drogue tail™. 
No trip line required for recovery.


3.  Better Storage 
Without a Bag.

When not in use  the SHARK 's
 canopy and DROGUE TAIL   fit compactly inside  its 
® .  
A protective cover is easily snapped into place with two nylon buckles. Self-contained packing saves space and eliminates bags that must be stowed and later re covered.


The Safer Choice.

he SHARK  is the only hybrid drogue built from heavy grade  fabric that meets precise hydrostatic test requirements to ensure a stronger and safer product. Fiorentino is recognized as the only drag device manufacturer to go beyond any ISO and  USCG safety standard to produce  high end products for extreme weather.

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