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Walbro Pump FRB-20-2 Variable Rate Pressure Limited Reciprocating Fuel Pumps

The FRB is an advanced electric fuel pump with internal circuitry allowing it to operate at a variable frequency. 
When turned on, it will cycle as long as there is a demand for fuel, but when fuel demand decreases, the pump slows down as it builds pressure in the fuel delivery line - until the pump's rated maximum pressure is reached, and the pump stops. 

These FRB pumps are especially suitable for applications where battery life, low noise, and best durability are important. 
Not recommended for applications such as heater or stove systems as output pressures are too high. 
For heater and stove fuel pumps, use the lower pressure Walbro FRD Series. See Related Products, below. 

The FRB is designed to serve as a primary pump (replacing a mechanical fuel pump) or as an auxilliary fuel pump (assisting the existing pump) for internal combustion engines. 
A common application is supplying fuel to the those diesel refrigeration units mounted high on tractor-trailer trucks. 

These pumps incorporate a new piston mechanism which, unlike rubber diaphragms, is not affected by modern, high-tech fuel blends. 

• Pump cycles only when fuel is demanded - so the pump cycles on and off 
• The non-adjustable maximum output pressure is factory pre-set in the ranges specified in the table, below 
• Continuous duty life (diesel fuel): >18,000 hours 
• Can run dry for up to 4 hours 
• Flow rates as high as 60 gph, but 30 gph is a more typical maximum 
• Compatible with all commercially available pump grade gasoline, gasoline-alcohol blends, diesel, and bio-diesel fuels 
• Self-priming to 4 feet 
• Current draw averages less than 2 amps 
• USCG 16623-1 and 16623-2 approved; ignition protected 
• Anodized, corrosion protection coating passes 1,000 hr salt spray test - suitable for marine applications 
• Replaceable internal 70 micron mesh filter 
• Magnetic trap for ferrous contaminants 
• Inlet (lower, side)/Outlet (top): 1/4-18 NPSF (Dryseal American National Standard Straight Pipe Thread) — will accept NPT tapered fittings without leaking, thread sealant recommended 
• Dimensions: 5.83"H x 2.76"Dia. 
• Note - a suffix number (typically -1 or -2) in part number refers to type of packaging 
• Made in USA 
BPM 2403-70
Pressure 2.0 - 4.0 psi
Voltage 12V DC
Weight 1.83 lb

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